ABG Worldwide

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The group has 3 UK operating companies and 6 overseas companies:

Alexander Beard Wealth LLP (ABW)

Operating out of Head Office, Yorkshire and London, ABW is a financial planning, wealth management and investment advisory business and is an appointed representative of Alexander Beard Investment Management Limited.

Alexander Beard International Benefits B.V.

Launched 10 years ago, our international employee benefits business advises upon, implements and manages employee benefit services for international companies who have groups of employees in the UK and Europe. Its European office is headquartered in Den Bosch between Amsterdam and Eindhoven and we also operate through our UK and French offices as well as having country manager in Germany.

Alexander Beard Global Services

This company has two distinct divisions:

International Education & NGO’s

This business evolved from a 2005 acquisition to provide the Alexander Beard International Retirement Plan offering globally mobile educationalists, Charity and NGO staff, a flexible and mobile multi-currency retirement plan that they could take with them around the world.

Expatriate Services

This business operates from its head office in North-West England, through all our international offices, providing a range of financial planning services to globally mobile expats and a package of emigration related services for individuals and families emigrating overseas.