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What We Do

Alexander Beard (USA) Inc. is a recognized leader in the USA for wealth management for both USA residents and for the cross-border community for investment management and financial planning. Our goal is to provide risk-adjusted returns and great service to our clients.

We at AB-USA pride ourselves on providing extraordinary service to our clients. Our greatest source of new clients are referrals from our existing clients.  

Our Services

As a wealth management firm, we focus on portfolio management and financial planning.

Portfolio Management

We customize and build our portfolios to meet the individual needs of our clients. You’ll work with a dedicated advisor and also benefit from the experience of our Investment Committee, comprised of advisors from our group of companies.

Financial Planning

We conduct a complete assessment of each client’s financial objectives and life goals before developing a comprehensive plan. We’ll adapt and reshape the plan depending on life changes, offering a holistic view and giving you informed, intelligent advice appropriate for your circumstances.

Wealth Management Expertise

We tailor every plan to the specific circumstances and needs of our clients. We also work with an extensive network of other professionals who complement our services.  

The AB-USA Difference

When you engage AB-USA your advisor, you get a team of talented professionals to give you a personal experience, a coherent investment strategy, and a great value proposition.  


Our research team consists of an Investment Committee lead by our team with the collaboration of our “group of companies” team.  

Consolidated Reporting

We offer comprehensive quarterly reporting including market commentary, individual portfolio advice, and detailed portfolio analytics. This gives you a complete financial snapshot, with data updated daily on our various portals.


  • Alexander Beard (USA) Inc., is a Registered Investment Adviser in the USA, and a member of the Alexander Beard Group which was founded in the UK in 1987.

  • AB-USA was launched in 2004, to offer a range of services and advice for US Residents and British expatriates living in the USA. For US expatriates around the world, we also offer management and ongoing advice for 401(k) and IRAs left behind in the USA.

  • AB-USA specialises in managing UK personal pension plans, frozen UK company pension entitlements and SIPP’s. as well as traditional investment advice for US resident domestic clients.

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