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No matter where in the world you live, as an expatriate you will need good, reliable and credible cross-border

emigration & financial planning advice.

Financial planning is reasonably straightforward and there is a huge array of professionals available who can guide you through your financial planning. However, when moving overseas, a new tax jurisdiction needs to be taken into account; you will likely leave assets or sources of income behind in your home country, therefore you will need to consider the cross-border implications.

We specialize in assisting clients who have immigrated or are planning to immigrate, we have offices in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa and provide EXPAT SERVICES if you are planning or are moving between these locations.

Simply fill in our questionnaire below and one of our advisors will be in contact to guide you through this process.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Expat Wealth Management Questions

Frequently asked questions about Expat Wealth Management Questions

A structured note is a debt security issued by financial institutions. Its return is based on equity indexes, a single equity, a basket of equities, interest rates, commodities, or foreign currencies. ... The bond portion of the note takes up most of the investment and provides principal protection.

What is an offshore investment bond?

An offshore investment bond is an investment wrapper that can be used as an investment vehicle to control when you pay tax, how much you pay and whom you pay it to. ... Within an offshore investment bond, investments benefit from growth that is largely free of tax – often referred to as gross roll-up.

What is an investment platform?

An investment platform is essentially an online service which allows you to buy, sell and hold funds. It's possible for you to do this yourself directly on a non-advised basis via a D2C (direct to customer) platform, or on an advised basis using a financial adviser who will invest on your behalf.

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