Investment and Financial Planning

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Our investment and financial planning services cover the following areas:

  • Planning and managing personal investment portfolios

  • Advice on implementing and managing company 401K’s and individual IRA’s

  • Estate planning

  • Life and disability insurance

  • Health insurance



Service and Advice process

Stage 1: We offer a one-hour complimentary session to discuss your needs and goals which provides an opportunity to get to know each other. It is important for us to gain an understanding of who you are and for you to learn more about us. We talk about the process, assessment of your spending, assets and debts, investments, the outlook for retirement, tax strategies, insurance coverage and estate planning.

Stage 2: We review the work-in-progress financial plan with a particular emphasis on your income and expenses, assets and debts. We establish scenarios for your financial plan.

Stage 3: We present and discuss a written financial plan with specific recommendations on how to achieve your goals (including a clear explanation of total fees). When you decide to work with us, we will send you a list of the documents needed to get started on your plan and discuss the importance of ongoing reviews of your financial planning.

Ongoing Service

Once we have created your financial plan, we can continue to work with you on an ongoing basis. Those changes that require ongoing decisions are best made with the help of a financial professional who knows your situation and can provide guidance. Scenarios that might require ongoing planning include continuing assistance with keeping on budget or help during life changes such as having a child, death, or divorce.

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