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South Africa Expats in the USA

A summary of our services is listed below:

  • Releasing “stranded assets”: bring your pension funds, endowments and other SA based savings out of the country legally and safely.

  • Managing what you have left behind: if you have assets back in SA that you want to leave there, we can manage them for you through our SA regulated company.

  • Replacing SA Life insurance: if you continue to pay for SA based life insurance it may be subject to tax in the USA; we can replace this cost-effectively with a tax-qualified US plan.

  • FATCA: If you hold assets such as investment accounts, mutual funds etc., outside the USA they will be subject to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

  • Favourable FX currency services through our relationship with Clear Treasury.

  • US IRA/401K and domestic investment account advice and on-going management.



We have qualified advisers both here in the USA and back in South Africa who can help and advise on any of the above.

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